Keystone Pictures Flying High Over PA Convention Center Event

PHILADELPHIA, PA- Keystone Pictures successfully flies cable camera with it's

Sony A7S over 800 guests at the Enterprise Awards in PA Convention Center.

Brandbridge Ltd. Producer Tony Buemi made it happen with the IATSE Union Rigging team, and the client for a super cool, safe and creative multi-camera event for the show's big screens. Tony loved the look and was thrilled by the cable cameras point of view.

For this project Keystone Pictures brought in Larry Bossone to pilot the camera and Tom Groshan to Engineer the operation. With speeds up to 35 mph, 180 degrees of view, the 1080 HD live microwave link made for a flawlessly switched live 2 hour show. Keystone chose 1/4" Galvanized Aircraft Cable with black vinyl cladding for a super strong, safe and reliable flight path of nearly 200' of camera run indoors.

Brandbridge Ltd, works towards realizing unique creative concepts and innovative staging designs and using Keystone's gimbal stabilized rover camera in the audience and the cable camera above takes everyone to new heights of creative possibilities.

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