It's time for the 117th U.S. Open Championship and Keystone Pictures is in the game!

Erin Hills, Wisconsin -

The USGA and Cowen Media chose Keystone Pictures for the 5th year in a row to cover the prestigious 117th U.S. Open Championship. Rob Marish, Andy Obeck and Scott Flickstein are on-site for 10 days capturing behind the scenes content for distribution across multiple channels, including the USGA website and for Live X who is handling all live feeds which can be seen on Facebook Live and many other sites.

Keystone's Andy Obeck working at 117th U.S. Open Championship

The gear in the game includes multiple Sony x-500, Sony PMW-300, along with Sony FS7 and Canon 5D Mark cameras, sporting a wide variety of lenses.

“Having the ability to mount a long telephoto lens and then switch to a super wide, all with full servo control and fine focus is one of the keys to covering all the angles" according to Andy Obeck.

The 117th U.S. Open is golf’s national championship event and the first time hosting for Erin Hills. The U.S. Open is known as the toughest test in golf, and sometimes that means pushing the golf course to the edge. As one of 4 major annual golf events, no other tournament challenges the players more with crafty course design and torturing pin and cup placements. The U.S. Open Championship truly brings out the best and worst in the pros and Keystone’s team will be there capturing the experience!!

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