Tech Tuesday: DP Lumi 1x1' Bicolor Light

Today, simpler is better. The DP Lumi 1x1 Bicolor light system fits that description to a T. This new product is small, light, and versatile, which is a necessity in this ever-changing industry. Keystone recently put this technology to the test on a training video shoot at a regional hospital in New Jersey. The company found the 1x1 Bicolor light to be very convenient because of its quick and easy assembly, its lightweight (pun intended), and because you can change the Kelvin temperature without selecting, cutting, and attaching CTO/CTB gels. Instead, the temperature is controlled simply with a pair of dials, thus eliminating the tedious process of gelling the light and also making the temperature much more precise. Keystone owns two 3'x1's and one 1x1 DP Lumi lights and has them available as one complete kit in a travel case.

Below is a picture of the crew installing one of these lights.

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