AudioTechnica ATW System 10 Pro

Keystone's Scott Flickstein presented this Wi-Fi based dual lavalier system, which is making cables a thing of the past. With an easy to read display and the ability to mount the receiver units remotely via CAT5 cables, the AudioTechnica Dual Lavalier Mic system is revolutionary. One of the most unique aspects to this system is that it automatically picks up the channels you need. This is something that is very helpful during a large event since it minimizes the time originally needed to set up a sound system. Furthermore, the AudioTechnica dual handheld microphone is a more simplified version of other handheld microphones. Having only one button, one is able to mute and unmute by pressing the button once and hold down the button to shut the microphone off. This simple interface makes this microphone one of the best to use nowadays. The wide range that was covered by this microphone impressed everyone watching the presentation. This equipment is available for rent!

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