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Meet The Team

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Keystone Pictures Inc. is your source for experienced craftspeople, many of whom we have trained and brought up through our ranks. Our crews know our values as well as our gear.

Tim 1.png
Tim Archibald

Chief Operating Officer & 

Director of Photography

Cell: 703-403-4691

Tim 3.png
Darryl 1.png
Darryl Rode

Founder & CEO

Office: 800-659-5821 Ext: 1001

Cell: 484-645-3233

Darryl 2.png
rob 1.png
Rob Marish

Vice President &

Director, DP

Cell: 484-645-3231

rob 3.png
Andy 1.png
Andy Obeck

Vice President &

Director, DP

Cell: 484-645-4203

Andy 2.png
Meg 1.png
Meg Synnamon

Line Producer

Meg 2.png
Lainie 1_edited.png
Laine Segal

Operations Manager

Lainie 3.png
Alex P 1.png
Alex Preto

Asset Manager

Alex P 2.png
ryan 3.png
Ryan Heaney

Camera Specialist &

Lead Engineer

ryan 2.png
CLEE 1.png
Jason Clee

AV Technician &

Streaming Specialist

CLEE 3.png
jeff 1.png
Jeff Cindric

Director of Photography

jeff 2.png
Alex Tichy 1.png
Alex Tichy

DP, Editor

Alex Tichy 2.png
Morgan 2.png
Morgan O'Hare

Lead Graphic Artist

Morgan 3.png
Eli 1.png
Eli Martine

Assistant Editor &

Assistant Camera

Eli 3.png
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