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Behringer UB1204FX Pro 12 Input Mixer

Essentially an expanded version of the UB1204-PRO. It has all the same features as found in the UB1204-PRO, plus an integrated 24-bit digital stereo FX processor with 99 great-sounding VIRTUALIZER presets. There are also solo and PFL functions on all channels as well as a pre/post fader switchable aux send for monitoring/FX applications.

Every crucial development stage of the new UB Series has Behringer's name on it literally: from the design study to the circuitry layout to the mechanical makeup of the consoles. He has personally selected each and every individual component, all with the goal of squeezing the very most out of every single one of them. These consoles have been pushed as far as the technology permits to-date.

Behringer UB1204FX Pro 12 Input Mixer

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