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Spotlight on Zinc Live

Zinc Live-An Experiential Agency

Zinc Live is an agency focused on curating creative, one-of-a-kind experiences that leverage the power of talent in sports, music, fashion, the culinary world, theater, and any of life’s other passions.

The Need:

Zinc Live utilizes all aspects of production and streaming support. This client needed advanced technical and production support for a “team appreciation day” for a large American multinational financial technology company. We were asked to provide on-site production crews in New Jersey & California that would create graphics, rehearse and test setups with celebrity talent, then produce and stream to a private event platform to be distributed internationally.

Solving the problem

Zinc Live utilized part of its internal team for all of the prep work and implementation for the “local” portion of the event. We had an executive producer that acted as the liaison between agency, production and the client while ensuring all crews and logistics were handled. A remote producer was assigned to ensure the client, the technology, the on site crews and the shows came together and were delivered to an international audience throughout the day.


Scheduling rehearsals, on site internet speeds, crew logistics and client approvals for show content were a few challenges the Zinc Live team faced.


Livestream Studio HD 550 production switcher and streamer, Black Magic ATEM Switcher, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras, DP Lumi Light Mats, Aputure 600D light, Canon L series Lenses, Lectrosonic wireless Microphones, Cradlepoint Hotspots, LIVEU Solo

The Result

The shows were a success and the client was thrilled. They sent personal notes complimenting the quality and professionalism of all of the crew and producers. This was a repeat client for the Zinc Live Team and they felt they will come back again for future projects.


Sets-Northern New Jersey suburb of NYC, Downtown Los Angeles,

Remote Producers/Directors/Techs-Philadelphia

Zinc Live-NYC

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