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Supporting Diversity, Equity and Belonging

Creating Cost Savings and Bringing Diversity & Belonging Initiatives to Life with AV Services


You’ve likely heard of (and enjoyed) the tasty treats created by Entenmann's, Sara Lee and Thomas, but did you know they’re all made by Bimbo Bakeries, USA or that Bimbo is a corporate leader in Diversity, Equity and Belonging initiatives?

Their dedication to Diversity, Equity and Belonging is truly admirable and recently included a company-wide forum in Charleston, SC. This forum included many audio visual needs that were no small task and like many corporations, Bimbo turned to their go-to A.V. vendor to get it set up.

The Problem:

The technical and personnel requirements for the forum included five talented Techs to run projection, sound systems, camera and lighting in numerous rooms simultaneously.

All of this resulted in an astronomical quote from the chain hotel’s national AV service vendor. Not wanting to sacrifice the quality of the event, Keystone was offered the opportunity to present a quote and meet with the team on how we would fulfill the unique project needs.

The Solution:

When Keystone works with clients, we truly act as an extension of their team. We understood how important this event was and the issues that can emerge from working with a one-size-fits-all solution. So we dug deep and presented a plan that ultimately provided significant savings, without sacrificing quality.

Our team trucked in all of the necessary gear (Multiple Panasonic 4K PTZ Cameras, 8k Projection for IMAG, lighting and sound) and flew the labor needed to support the needs described above.


We are proud of not only the work we did, but the cost savings we were able to offer for such an important event. Being able to partner with organizations like Bimbo, who are leading the way in Diversity, Equity and Belonging, is truly a wonderful opportunity.

Thank you BIMBO Bakeries USA for bringing us along for the ride. The swag was yummy too!


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