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The Sony Venice 2 Elevates Production in Big Ways

We love new toys and are obsessed with our new Sony Venice 2, which allows you to capture stunning footage and simplify production. Contact us for more info or rental inquiries.

In the ever-changing world of filmmaking and marketing, it is truly important to stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver compelling and visually stunning content. To do so, you must stay on top of the latest and greatest technologies in the industry.

Enter Sony’s newest camera - the Venice 2. A game changer to cinematography and revolutionizing the way filmmakers and marketers approach their projects.

Why Brands, Production Companies & Directors Love the Sony Venice 2

Deliver Cinematic Quality Production

  • Unique 8.6k image sensor

  • Crop and zoom without compromising quality

Instantly Share Footage with Ethernet Connection

Showcase Details, Natural Lighting & Skin Tones

  • The camera's ISOs offer incredible color rendition and detail.

Shoot at High Speeds in Low-Light Film in 5.8k Resolution with a 6:5 anamorphic aspect

Save Time throughout Production

  • Save time during production when inspiration hits: built-in ND filters make it easy to transition.

  • Make your colorists' life easier: X-OCN CT is the highest format you can shoot and is gorgeous to work with.

  • Internal sound recording options

The Top 5 Features of the Sony Venice 2

1. Unmatched Image Quality

The brand-new 8.6K sensor delivers a breathtaking image. The VENICE 2 is a full-frame digital cinema camera with internal X-OCN recording and your choice of 8K and 6K sensors, giving you rave-worthy content.

2. High Frame Rate Recording

When using the 6K sensor, VENICE 2 can shoot at speeds of up to 120fps at 4K and 90fps at 6K. It also allows shooting at speeds of up to 75fps at 4K 4:3 and 72fps at 4K 6:5. With the 8K sensor, VENICE 2 can achieve up to 72fps at 8.2K and 120fps at 5.5K.

3. Built-in Ethernet

The VENICE 2 offers a direct ethernet connection, enabling footage to be sent and viewed all over the world for fast approvals. It also has built-in lenses and microphones to make life easier on set. With its compact build and durability, the camera is quick to set up so you can keep your focus on what’s most important… filming!

4. Incredible Latitude for Shooting in All Light Scenarios

The VENICE 2’s 8K sensor has 16 stops of latitude and the 6K sensor has 15+ stops of latitude. In short, both imagers can deliver amazing images with very little noise.

5. Interchangeable Image Sensors

You can easily remove and replace the image sensor, swapping between the 8.6K and original 6K image sensor as needed. This also means a 6K sensor can be swapped between VENICE and original VENICE 2.

The Verdict

The Sony VENICE 2 represents a powerful tool that empowers cinematographers and marketers to elevate their creative visions to unparalleled heights. With its remarkable image quality, high frame rate capabilities, compact design, incredible latitude, and interchangeable image sensors, the VENICE 2 opens up a realm of possibilities for visual storytelling and brand promotion.

Interested in renting this game-changing camera? Contact us today!



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